Face painting

Face Painting

I’ve been face painting for people of all ages for quite a while. The business face painting has grown by leaps and bounds since I started back when I was a flight attendant in 1996.
I stopped flying in 1999 and have been painting in many different mediums. From murals to art on canvas and of course painting little faces! 

I am happy to say I am still part of that world. My favorite part is when they see their painted faces in the mirror. It’s the BEST! It is a  performance. I dress for the occasion with decorated hats in every theme. When I am hired for a private event I bring everything I need to paint. Including my own table and chairs. I also have a walk around kit for sporting events and “bigger kids, grown” parties. I consider myself to be a fast painter. Painting up to 20 cheeks or arms an hour with gems and glitter. Full faces 12 to 15 an hour. 

Using only industry approved paints and glitter I am insured and can supply any client with an insurance rider. You will also be provided with an invoice / contract for your records. 

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Bidding and Pricing

My face painting rates for parties start at $150.00 an hour. Over 30 miles from the city is an additional $35.00. Daycares, school and hospitals are $125.00 an hour for events during the week before noon. Have a big event? Five or more hours $135.00. Have a theme  in mind or a marketing event? I can make a special menu of designs for your little ones or clients to choose from with your brand.

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