I have been painting large and small wall murals projects since 2000.

Painting wall murals in many different styles and for many different types of clients that enjoy a large scale painting or a smaller day project in their home or business

The Process

  • Meeting with you to have a look at the space and talk about the mural design

  • Drawings of the mural designs including an itemized estimate for the mural will be provided along with proof of business insurance 

  • Supplies are usually including with my mural bid unless it is a larger scale mural and I need special paint and materials for your mural project

  • Prepping the wall for painting. Cleaning, priming and taping the area. This usually takes only a few hours

  • Painting the wall mural can take anywhere from one day to 2 weeks depending on the design and size of the wall mural

  • My hours work around you of corse but normally it’s regularly 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • If your project is a larger wall mural I will need a safe secure place for my supplies which I keep on a roll cart

  • Break down and clean up is quick and easy. I take care of everything


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