Completed Mural Projects

Urban Child Academy - Chicago

The first phase of this six floor indoor mural staircase. Each classroom and floor has a museum theme. As of now there are 30 murals in total. The sports mural is on the fifth floor by the gym. All the sports teams of Chicago has been represented. The Chicago Bulls Basketball, The Chicago Bears Football team, Both of the Chicago Baseball teams the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey, and Let’s not forget the Chicago Fire Soccer team! The forth floor mural is The Art Institute of Chicago with all the masters in residence. The open frames are for the budding artists with their master pieces to come. Each floor also includes a mixed media 3 dimensional mural with there said theme. The third floor mural is The Museum of Science and Industry. From the era of art deco to the wonders of aviation. To the steal and iron age to the possibilities of space flight. The second floor murals are the ROCKETS! Oh yes the Adler Planetarium. With Elon’s Tesla Roadster floating passed the international space station and the curious drake equation above our solar system. The first floor students are the Zebras. So you guest it. Lincoln Park Zoo mural. Panda chillin in a tree a giraffe towering over the little ones as they climb their way up to their class. A goat in a tree? Why not? Stay turned for more updates to this ever growing mural project. If you like my work I would be happy to meet with you to see what excited designs we can come up with. The possibilities are indeed endless. Cheers!

Little teeth, Big smiles - Forest Park

The Little teeth, Big smiles project has been going on in bits and pieces since 2014. Starting with new construction in the waiting area. Three large murals in the main area. The largest one is on two walls of the board game shoots and ladders with children playing the game. The wall with the chairs is the logo of Little teeth, Big smiles. A family of Choppers having fun with the Little teeth, Big smiles in the center. The third one in the main area is the tooth brush train station with a colorful landscape background and a hot air ballon, castle and rainbow. The two murals in the restroom with superhero fruit, floss, and teeth with the Chicago skyline. Once the tiny patient is called back they are greeted with Superhero’s brushing their teeth. Oh and Villains! Along the hallway are aliens swinging from dental floss exploring their new surroundings. We even made the X-Ray room part of the fun! We turned it into a spaceship with all sorts of gears, buttons and space stuff. Have a look at the video below!