Nursery Murals

Nursery Murals

Welcoming your new baby home is so special. A once in a life time event. What would you like your little one to see as they nod off to la la land? Muted shapes, Butterflies, fairies, toy trucks or wonders from the sea? Perhaps some painted building blocks with their ABC’s. Maybe a mural of some musical notes from your favorite lullaby. If you can’t commit to a full wall mural, how about a commissioned painting on canvas. If you have a quote or an image that is dear to your heart, let’s recreate that for your new baby’s nursery. 


About Me

I enjoy everything about my work. Including the cleaning, preparation, set up and planning. The execution of each project encompasses more than just the paint on the wall. Or face painting for a children’s party. It means listening and understanding what my client needs and wants. It’s my job to make that happen. Communication is an art form that I thrive on. Artistic license is nice but direction from the client is key to making any mural or event feel inspired. I want to be on that team. I want to work with you to make that vision into a reality.

Bidding and Pricing

Of corse every mural project is different however for the most part I price the on the length I estimate it will take me to complete the mural. I include everything in my bid. Most smaller mural projects will take me two to 5 days. After I am hired and the design is agreed on and we have a signed contract the fun begins. First day is cleaning and prepping the area. Drawing it out on the wall and painting will start. I work around the clients schedule so that is based on what hours work for you.